Choose the right shampoo bowl that your customer will love!

by design

Shampoo bowl is a sink which is used mainly by the salon owners. You will find the shampoo bowls on small beauty parlors as well as in beauty parlors which come in various shapes and sizes designed according to the back part of customer’s neck during the hair wash. Shampoo bowls are mainly used to wet customer’s hair to proceed for the further treatments as well as to provide other wash services. If you are also looking for purchasing the best portable shampoo bowl from the market then before purchasing any shampoo bowl, check out the things and various aspects which you have to consider at the time of purchasing.


Reclining Chair

The reclining chair is vinyl-coated and is specially designed to ensure the chair must be a waterproof to prevent the dripping of the harsh chemicals and water onto the chair. The coating of vinyl on the chair makes the chair safe and prevents the chair against the dangerous chemicals and extra water exposure.
Apart from this, the reclining part of the chair allows the hair expert and hair stylist to recline the customer hairs towards the bowl. Even the reclining chair is free from slipperiness and stickiness. You have to make sure the comfortability level of the customer, as the shampooing consumes lots of time hence choose the shampoo bowl which must be comfortable and let the customer sit for the long duration.

Bowl Material

When you search for the shampoo bowls then you will found various types of materials of the bowls in the market. Among the list, the stainless steel, fiberglass, and marble shampoo bowls are mostly preferred by the customers. The cost of the bowl depends on the material which you are choosing; many of them prefer to purchase the fiberglass bowl material as it is lightweight and comes in various color options. But if you choose the marble based shampoo bowl then you will found that the bowl is durable and is extremely heavy as compared to other bowls.


The comfortability aspect is the most aspect which you have to consider while purchasing the shampoo bowl as the customer wants to be more comfortable during hair washing and other hair treatments. The customer has to stay in the reclined position for the longer duration more than the 30 minutes, and if the customer does not feel comfortable then he or she will not come to your salon again.